Lenticulars are made by interlacing several images and placing them behind a grooved lens. Because our eyes see different parts of the image at their corresponding angles, different colors and rhythms are created. The following views and animations will provide an inkling of what the viewer will see as he or she passes by.

This series is titled Phosphenes. These are morph and flip lenticulars, 20” x 20” each and are cut in circles.


“Great art is unique and instantly recognizable as the work of the artist. That’s why I collect Heather Lowe's stunning pieces.”

                                                                                                                        -Clem Chambers

                                                                                                                          author, journalist and CEO of ADVFN







                      B.: "If you were condemned to perpetual incarceration within a totally dark cell, what would you do?"

D.: "I would create phosphenes.  I would exert pressure on my eyes with my fingers to make an image emerge from my intra-retina.”

--- from Conversations with Dalí by Alain Bosquet  (p.62)








       Phosphene Diamond                                            Phosphene Green                                                Phosphene Window                              





              Phosphy                                                             Phosphene Moon                                           Phosphene Flower





                                                                                   Phosphene Fog


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