Lenticulars are made by interlacing several images and placing them behind a grooved lens. Because our eyes see different parts of the image at their corresponding angles, different colors and rhythms are created. When the viewer passes by, elements of the picture flip and transform creating new relationships.


Some lenticulars simply flip two or more images. Some lenticulars are multi-layered to create real three dimensional depth.


These recent lenticulars combine both effects with “dripping paint” on a three-dimensional “canvas.”







Red Paint, 14 x 24”, lenticular, 2007                                                  Blue Drop, 12 x 18”, lenticular, 2007 







Teardrop, 14 x 24”, lenticular, 2007






Hot drops, 14 x 24”, lenticular, 2008


Paintland (two views), 22” x 10”, lenticular, 2008




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